No Seller Fee

That’s right, no seller fee, nada, zip, zilch, zero, nothing, no cost, free, free-free-free!no seller fee

Let’s make it clear for our competition; No Listing Fee, No Advertising Fee, No Consignment Fee, No Prep Fee, No Transport Fee, No Final Value Fee, No Hidden Fee, No Seller Fee of any sort.

In other words, now you can sell to our nationwide network of buyers free of charge.

SPR Auctions developed the “no seller fee” program to help keep your funds working for you. We care about you and know the value these resources mean to your livelihood and the existence of your business. Therefore, we are offering all essential business the no seller fee program to help keep you going and growing strong.

The following terms and conditions apply:

Who: All farming, construction, energy, education, law enforcement, emergency service and government operations.

When: Offer ends September 30th, 2020

Where: Within the lower 48 United States

Conditions: $500 minimum asset value, new seller contracts only, buyer’s premium permitted, markup allowed on “buy now”, “classified” or private sale listings, no consignor sales permitted after contract, no cancellation, all reserves must be in written signed contract, must have legal right to sell, must have all required paperwork with authority to execute (title, bill of sale, certificate of origin, …), all assets must be reviewed by a SPR Auctions licensed auctioneer

For more information or to sell with SPR Auctions, contact one of our liquidation professionals today.

We respect your privacy and only use the information collected in accordance with our privacy policy.

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